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- I keep shifting my interests as I grow up, from violin & swimming to drawing, to physics, to architecture, to industrial design, to multimedia, to animation...
Hey! Life is a working in progress!
  Nowadays, I love to spend time @
Enjoy my life with my BF/living partner
Loving my puppies: Princess Shadow and Prince Echo :D
Discover and learn about MYSELF -- Always an ongoing project.
Animation! It's my biggest passion these days! I am constantly working on my own animated shorts.
And I spend quite sometime in soaking myself in other people's creative creation, no matter it's a classic 2D cartoon, CG feature, claymation, puppet show or graphic novel!
My favorites r Creature Comforts and all Pixar Features & shorts!
Love Chicago Public Radio (NPR programs & BBC news), that's the daily soul food, keeps me updated and makes me think!
Enjoy the music! And continue to expand my knowledge of it... LOVE all kinds of music, no matter POP/Classy, they serves different moods. Enjoy going CSO & Operas a lot!
Well, my favorite sounds are the sound of the Sea and Cello - they melt me down :); also a huge fan of Beatles/Billy Joel/Pink Floyd/Cat/RHCP ... ;)
Watch *GOOD* movies, no matter with friends or alone.
Isn't that the BEST way to kill time/lonesome and get inspired at the same time!
Love Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Charlie Kaufman, Tim Burton's work;
A big fan of Johnny Depp!
Learn different cultures, expand my awareness of human nature, and keep improving my communication skill.
Travel whenever I can (if time and $ r allowed ;)
Growing up in a metropolis(ShangHai), don't really fancy visiting another morden metropolis... LOOOVE to go back to Nature (mountains/forest/sea), or explore some town tinted with interesting local culture.
Take Photos & Videos.
We all c the world through our own keyhole, isn't that a wonderful thing to freeze those moments as a secure backup of our memories?!
Exercise makes me feel GOOOOOOD!
Swimming is part of my daily life; biking/running/indoor climbing feed in occasionally.
Draw when in the mood...
My drawing skill isn't getting any better these days, thx for the mouse clicks, but I love my tablet, it's cooool!
Have a couple drinks during weekend's nite feels heavenly ;)
Love Dry Red Wine and Gin on the rock!
BBQ/HotPot @ friend's House! YUMMM!!!
  & a lot more :)