GPH 338 | Computer Animation Survey (Practical Environment: MAYA)
Winter Quarter
Wednesday 6pm-9pm
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Behind The Class
Goal !
  To create an animation short by using 3d package like Maya to tell a story or express your own individual message.
From me, you can expect:
  Passion on CG & hard work with you.
  To demonstrate lectures clearly and understanding by being prepared, as well as guide group interaction in a respectful and efficient way.
  To help you reach your potential by giving you thoughtful comments and advice on how to generate more good ideas, develop those ideas into great concepts, ultimately create outstanding , creative, fresh shorts that will get great responses from your audience.
  To provide a space for risking and learning together.
From you, I expect:
  Your passion & hard work on CG too.
  Time of practicing in 3d environment, patient in refining your work.
  Thoughts & ideas behind your scenes and animations.
  To participate in class discussions
  I encourage you to provide helpful feedback to me about how class is going.
  Knowing 2D tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, or have visual arts background such as illustration, painting, sculpture, live action filmmaking, or 2D or stop-motion animation, will give you more freedom when you doing 3D projects.
BIG Ideas!
  What matters most to your work is the IDEA, the MESSAGE behind the scene, not how well you use the software, though you need to spend a lot of hours working in it before you can control the software well enough to let your idea and style show through.
Computer animation is bring characters to life, it should be fun!
So, be creative, outstanding & fresh! Fill the space with information that has meaning, Influence and innovation.
Thinking with an open mind! Start at zero – a completely open mind with no preconceptions, then build walls with your can’ts and shoulds and oughts…