GPH 250| Digital Modeling I
Winter Quarter/Wed
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  Projects for this class  
Mid-term Presentation
Scientific model

Create a species identifiable model of an insect or spider. The subject should be a pest species causing damage to human health, environment, food supply, etc. No two members of the class may choose the same species.

Final Presentation
Scenography and presentation

Use the pest in a scenario, which consciously incorporates character, setting and narrative. Present as a professional printed portfolio.

Design model

Opt for one of the two assignments below:

  a. Create a mechanical, i.e., robotic, version of the pest.
b. Create a cartoonie version of your pest, give it personality.
Extra credit:
  Create a scene with both of your scientific and robotic/cartoonie pests, tell a story.
You will need to submit a portfolio including:
1. Your pest's brief information and reference pictures;
2. Your sketches of the pest including orthographic views and 3 different scene design;
3. Print(s) of your 3D scene (your pest in a scenario);
4. Print(s) of your robotic version of the pest or a cartoonie version of your pest;
5. A cd/dvd include your ppt presentation, all the necessary work files and printing quality image files (prefer png format);