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Lecture Plan
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Lecture Plan
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Week 01

About the Course;
Define & Manage the Site;
Upload to your webspace, local vs. server;
Intro to The Internet & HTML;
Week 02

Using DIV/table - Create web Layout;
Design Basics; Web Usability;
Rules for Web Design and Layout;
Color & web safe color;

Week 03
Images format basics;
Web Graphics; Digital Photography;
Web interactive: Behaviors -- basic JavaScript;
Week 04

Paper Mockup and Digital Mockup;
From Design to Web Layout;
Fonts for Web;
CCS- Cascading Style Sheets; how to creating CCS;
Week 05
Midterm exam Review Sheet
Using CSS for layout;
Using table inside CSS container;
From digital design to web layout;
Week 06
More on from digital design to web layout;
Individual fix up.
Week 07

Implement Video, Audio in Web;
Different formats of video/audio; transfer rate;

Week 08

Intro to Flash/Shockwave;
Step by Step, creating Multimedia component in Flash;
Implement 3d in Web;
Week 09
How to get listed by search engine;
Individual fix up.
Week 10

Final Presentation;