GD 151 Home Lectures Projects

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Details of each projects will be posted as particular week is approaching and the schedule are subject to change through out the quarter depend on the pace of the general class performance.


Project #1: Improving Image tone with level, hue/satuation

Image enhancement: level etc, selecton tools (zip 15M)

Project #2: Collage of warped photos

Warped photos collage exercise files (zip 9.9M)

Project #3: Outlining the action with Photoshop

Outlining the action exercise files (zip 15.5M)

Project #4: Colorizing images with gradients, add textures

Colorizing images & adding textures (zip 13.2M)

Project #5: Placing multiple images in text masks, using image as layer mask

Layer mask, text mask & image as layer mask (zip 16M)

Project #6: Photo to sketch, adding rain effect, adding snow effect.

Sketch/rain/snow (zip 15M)

Project #7: Photo to painting, Photo to pop art, adding pained edges border.

Photo to art (zip 11M)

Project #8: Create water reflection (displacement map), ripples, folds.

Reflection, ripples, folds (zip 9M)

Project #9: Gold Plated Text Effect, define brushes, photoshop 3D

3D text, photoshop 3D(zip 3.3M)

Project #10: Create miniatures effect, HDR, image RAW, photomerge, and texture

Miniature, HDR, photomerge, texture. (100M)