GD 151 Home Lectures Projects

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Lecture Plan
Week 01

Image Size and Resolution, Photoshop UI. Image adjustment.

Project #1: Improving Image tone with level, hue/satuation

Week 02

Layers, Transformations: Scale Rotate, Skew and Warp

Project #2: Collage of warped photos

Week 03

Select Tools, Pen Selection Tool

Project #3: Outlining the action with Photoshop

Week 04

Color basic, select with Color Range.
Black and White with Colorizing.

Project #4: Colorizing images with gradients

Week 05

Layer Mask, Text Mask, Image as Layer ask

Project #5: Placing multiple images in text masks.

Week 06

Photo to Sketch Trick, Snow/Rain Effect.

Project #6: Photo to sketch, adding rain/snow

Week 07

Photoshop Filters and Blending Moods, Make Photo to Look Like Painting/Pop Art and more.

Project #7: Photo to painting/pop art, adding pained edges border.

Week 08

Use The “Displace” Filter To Create The Water Ripples

Project #8: Create water reflection effect.

Week 09

Layer effects (from Drop Shadow to Bevel Emboss), create 3D text, define brushes and photoshop 3D.

Project #9: Gold Plated Text Effect

Week 10

Using Blur: Create Depth-of-field & Fake Miniatures, HDR, image RAW, photomerge, and texture

Project #10: create miniatures effect & more